Gift in Motion, 2024


Gift in Motion was a three week collaborative project (2024.02.26 – 2024.03.15) between the Chabot Museum, the Sint Michaël School, the Prins Alexander School and myself. I set up a studio in both schools, which are each affiliated to the Chabot Museum due to their proximity to the land of Chabot, the place where Henk Chabot lived and worked in his lifetime. During these three weeks students of the school witnessed and participated in my making process, from carding and dyeing to the final artworks: three wet felted wallhangings with needle felted fibre drawings. These wallhangings were swapped and gifted during an exchange ceremony near the Rotte.


Materials are wet felted white, grey and black wool from sheep in Rotterdam and natural dyes (blue woad, orange madder, yellow weld, pink cochanille, brown chestnuts, green ferns and purple sweetgum bark)
1.60m x 90cm


Photos of the exchange ceremony by Jacqueline Fuijkschot.